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The last part of is going to be favorable especially for the young lovers, but not only. The Gemini natives have all the chances to strengthen the connection with their partners or they will find their way to a relationship where they appreciate each other enough. It is the time to convince yourself that love is not a gift from God, but a delicate flower that needs constant care. You are dealing with the challenges occurring in your social life in a great manner.

You participate in meetings, take part in many conversations and you manage to impress. It is likely to start the year in full force at work, where you have a lot of tasks. If you give your best, the desired outcomes will not fail to appear. The conjunction between Mercury and Mars can make the Gemini natives irascible and impatient with their life partner, which could be a likely source of conflict.

Instead, the red planet will be beneficial for the career of the natives, offering them more ambition to finalize their professional projects before they are due.

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Stress can defeat the Gemini natives in the middle of the month! In March , the stars are giving you a very important task: you need to learn to be consequent in what you say and promise. At work, you are doing excellent, your health is fine and you are not lacking money in your wallet.

In personal life, you might get caught with the paws in the cookie jar, so it would be ideal to practice the art of honesty. For you, April is the perfect month to socialize and to strengthen friendships. Mars drives you to start a new path in your career, so the chance is on your side. Your immune system shows signs of weakness! Your zodiac sign has the best response to the amorous impulses of May.

12222 Gemini Love Horoscope

A month full of harmony, sensuality, and physical comfort awaits you. At work, you may advance in your work function or you may obtain a better job. The Mars-Saturn opposition is dangerous for your health, avoid diseases and violence.

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In June , you will continue to rest, to assist passively to conflicts and to make plans for the summer. People ask you for advice and you are giving them happily.

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It is possible to receive some indecent proposal, this is why you should first think about the consequences. Avoid disagreements, otherwise, you may encounter a long series of disappointments. For you, July will be full of opportunities to travel, to know new people and to gather new info.

You love to be the center of attention and to express your opinions as loud as possible.

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In love, the visit of Mars in your zodiac sign can bring tensions and conflicts. Since your sign rules communication, you also need someone who loves to talk, brainstorm and can hold their own in a debate. Love is a mental match for you. Once a Gemini finds that true playmate, you can be incredibly loyal.

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But nothing sends you running faster than a predictable, scripted life. Although you may take advantage of traditions and institutions like marriage and children, you must have an equal dose of rebellion woven in to stick around for the long haul. Get the Horoscope Guide!

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